Mastering Commercial Paving Projects with Economy Asphalt

Embarking on a commercial paving project, whether it be for a parking lot, road, or other asphalt surfaces, can be a complex and challenging process. A well-planned and carefully executed project is essential to ensure your pavement meets the high standards of quality, performance, and safety required in commercial applications. With proper planning, strategic decision-making, and the guidance of an experienced asphalt company like Economy Asphalt, you can achieve an exceptional and long-lasting pavement surface tailored to your commercial needs.

In this post, we will break down the key factors you need to consider when planning a successful commercial paving project. From site selection and preparation to drainage systems, material selection, and environmental considerations, we’ll guide you through the essential aspects of paving projects that require attention. Additionally, after establishing a solid foundation for your project, we will explore the benefits of partnering with a reputable and reliable asphalt company like Economy Asphalt, which can bring your vision to life and guarantee a professionally installed commercial pavement that meets and exceeds expectations.

Economy Asphalt is Omaha’s leading asphalt company, offering comprehensive paving solutions for residential and commercial clients alike. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge, equipment, and customer-focused approach necessary for top-quality commercial paving projects. With Economy Asphalt, you can rest assured that your commercial paving needs will be met with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to your satisfaction, safety, and success.

Prepare for your commercial paving project journey with Economy Asphalt, and explore the critical factors that contribute to a successful and lasting pavement surface designed to meet the demands and standards of your business and customers.

Site Selection and Preparation

Before beginning your commercial paving project, choosing the right location and preparing the site are critical first steps. A well-prepared site ensures a stable foundation for your pavement and contributes to its longevity and performance.

1. Soil evaluation: Test the soil quality in the area to determine its load-bearing capacity and to identify any potential drainage or structural issues.

2. Grading and compaction: Proper grading is essential for ensuring adequate drainage and preventing pooling water on your pavement. Compacting the soil and subgrade helps create a stable foundation for long-lasting results.

3. Utility considerations: Identify any utility lines and access points that may affect your project, and integrate them into your paving plan accordingly.

Drainage Systems

An efficient drainage system is an essential aspect of a successful commercial paving project. It helps prevent water damage, minimizes freeze-thaw cycles, and extends the life of your pavement.

1. Slope and grading: Your pavement should be designed with the appropriate slope to encourage proper water drainage and avoid pooling.

2. Catch basins and inlets: Installing these components helps to capture and redirect water, preventing it from seeping into your pavement and causing damage.

3. Maintenance: Regular checks and cleaning of your drainage system can ensure it remains efficient over time, avoiding potential issues and costly repairs.

Material Selection and Quality

The quality of materials used heavily influences the asphalt pavement’s durability and performance. Investing in high-grade materials will ensure that your pavement meets the desired safety and quality standards.

1. Using appropriate mix designs: Selecting the right asphalt mix design for your project involves considering factors such as traffic volume, load, and climate. Consult with your paving contractor to determine the best mix design for your needs.

2. Ensuring quality control: Make sure that the materials brought to your project site meet or exceed industry-standard specifications. This includes aggregate size, consistency, and composition of the asphalt cement binder.

3. Preparing the asphalt mix: The asphalt mix should be adequately mixed and heated at the correct temperature to ensure a consistent product and optimal workability.

Partnering with a Reputable Asphalt Company

A commercial paving project’s success often hinges on the expertise and professionalism of the asphalt company you choose to partner with throughout the process.

1. Industry experience: Look for an asphalt company with a proven track record of successfully completing commercial paving projects. This ensures that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to handle complex projects with competence and precision.

2. Comprehensive services: Choose a company that offers a range of services, from site evaluation and preparation to installation, maintenance, and repair. This ensures a streamlined process and access to expert advice at every stage of your project.

3. Customer service: A company that values customer satisfaction and is transparent in their communication is more likely to deliver a successful project that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


With proper planning and attention to crucial factors like site preparation, drainage systems, material selection, and partnering with a reputable asphalt company, your commercial paving project can be a resounding success. Economy Asphalt, Omaha’s leading asphalt contractor, offers comprehensive services and expertise to guarantee a professional, safe, and lasting solution tailored to your commercial needs. Trust Economy Asphalt to deliver exceptional commercial pavement that caters to the demands of your business and customers and ensures your satisfaction now and for years.

Ready to embark on your commercial paving project journey? Contact the expert team at Economy Asphalt to discuss the best strategies and services for your needs. As one of the top asphalt companies in Omaha, NE, we can help you create a lasting, high-quality commercial pavement that stands the test of time. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and ensure lasting success for your project!

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