Driveway Sealcoating: What You Should Know About It

Your driveway is one of the most essential elements contributing to curb appeal. A poorly maintained or cracked driveway can spoil the overall look of your home’s exterior. This is where driveway sealcoating comes in. Sealcoating is a cost-effective way to protect your driveway from damage caused by weather and regular wear and tear. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need about driveway seal coating. Read on to learn more!

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is applying a layer of coal tar, asphalt emulsions, or acrylics to your asphalt pavement to protect it. It is a basic method of protecting your asphalt from the elements, such as the sun, which can cause oxidation, and moisture, which can cause cracking. 

What Are the Benefits of Sealcoating?

1. Prevents Water From Penetrating Beneath the Surface

Sealcoating plugs the hairline fractures, an early symptom of asphalt aging because practically all sealers contain fine aggregate (typically silica sand or Black Beauty boiler slag). This creates an impenetrable barrier on the surface of your pavement that prevents water from seeping into the underlying layers.

2. Slows the Damage Caused by Oxidation

Oxidation is the deterioration of the asphalt binder due to exposure to air and ultraviolet rays from the sun. It cannot be stopped, but proper seal coating can prevent it from causing damage to pavement. When oxidation occurs, the pavement becomes fragile, leading to faster crack formation and other issues. To prolong the lifespan of your pavement, apply sealer regularly every two or three years, depending on traffic flow and region.

3. Guards the Asphalt Binder From Lubricants and Gasoline

Because asphalt is petroleum-based, any petroleum-based liquid that leaks on it will “join” with the binder and soften it. This allows for even faster and potentially more extensive pavement deterioration. Sealcoating will protect your pavement from such leaks. 

4. It Improves Flexibility

Asphalt pavement is referred to as a “flexible” surface, in contrast to concrete pavement, which is “rigid.” Asphalt pavement flexes (microscopically) with the weight of cars and trucks driving on it. Pavement flexes less as it ages and becomes brittle; traffic can cause cracks. By applying sealer regularly, you can assist the pavement in preserving its elasticity and delaying its brittleness.

5. It Makes It Easy to Clean the Pavement

Sealcoating provides a smooth and uniform surface, which makes it easier to clean. Regular cleaning of the pavement is important for maintaining its appearance and preventing dirt, oil, and other debris from accumulating on the surface. The sealcoat also prevents the accumulation of water and other liquids that can lead to potholes or cracks in the pavement.

What Is the Process of Sealcoating a Driveway?

To sealcoat a driveway, start by preparing the surface. Clean the driveway thoroughly by removing dirt, debris, and vegetation. Cut down any weeds or grass and apply a weed killer or vinegar solution. Rinse the entire area with a pressure washer and allow it to dry completely. 

Next, repair any cracks or potholes using a crack filler or asphalt patching mixture. Ensure the edges and boundaries are well-defined by using a 4-inch paintbrush. Once the preparation is complete, apply the sealant according to the product’s instructions. 

Only apply the sealant to the surface areas of the driveway. For newly constructed driveways, two coats of sealant are recommended. Depending on the specific sealant used, the driveway may need to remain unused for several hours or even a day until it is thoroughly dry.


Driveway sealcoating is an essential maintenance practice that offers numerous benefits for your asphalt pavement. Investing in driveway sealcoating protects your property’s curb appeal and provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining a smooth, attractive, and durable driveway. So, take the necessary steps to protect your investment and enjoy a well-maintained and visually appealing driveway for years to come.

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